Pearl Tower

Reaching new heights

Pearl Tower is Edmonton’s highest residential building, with 36 stories to take in the downtown views.

Because of the complex nature of the work, unique engineering was used for the duration of the project. Scorpio Stone modelled each piece of stone in a 3D digital environment, which was then converted into a file readable by our CNC saw. Professional masons and engineers were consulted to develop a plan that would enable the stone to be installed as panels and soffits. From there, heavy gauge steel studs were added to create a system that could be attached to the existing steel structure and support the weight of the hanging stone.

With the use of our innovative technology, the job was completed on time, and is an iconic structure in our city.


Build: Panels
Coverage: 3,000+/- square feet
Architect: Kennedy
General Contractor: Pagnotta Industries
  • Indiana Limestone
  • Hari stone
Finish: Smooth, polished and flamed
Typical Panel: Custom
Thickness: 40 – 50 mm
Panel Weight: 100 – 250 lbs
Anchorage: Load Bearing
Backup Structure: Steel Stud
  • Consulted architectural designer
  • Sample and stone procurement
  • Shop drawing and engineering
  • Stone and anchorage fabrications
  • Virtual modelling
  • Manual as-built
  • Packaging and freight
  • Cut ticket generation
  • Soffits
  • Irregular shapes and angles
Technology & Innovation: 3D as-built for manufacturing

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