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Over 10,000 square feet of cutting-edge technology

Scorpio Stone’s processing facility was built in 2012 to make it easier for us to gather site condition and as-built dimensions, and fabricate them quickly and efficiently for our clients.

Our ability to provide fast turnaround times and accurately cut stone considerably reduces labour and installation costs, as well as schedule impacts—benefits our clients appreciate greatly.

Park Industries Python II Bridge Saw

The Python Bridge Saw is used to cut stone slabs in the first step of processing. Designed to accurately slice through the toughest material, this saw can easily cut slabs from 20mm thick and upwards. The best part? It can also be programmed and left unattended, increasing productivity and processing efficiency.


  • 100″ diameter saw blade with a cutting depth of 42″
  • 50Hp motor allows the arbor speed to reach 216 RPM
  • Superior StoneTrace mode senses when the blade is cutting the stone and speeds up movement when not directly in the cut
  • Safety sensors limit the risk of any means of failure

GMM CNC Egil Saw

Our two Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Egil saws let us turn the rough slabs processed on the Python II into useable forms. This saw is highly programmable and can cut curves, slopes, profiles and shapes at speed—perfect for processed items such as carvings, copings, panels, arches, sills and more. Like the Python II, the Egil can also be programmed and left unattended.


  • Saw blade size ranges from 14″ diameter for detailed work to 32″, with a maximum cutting depth of 12″
  • Saw blades have different thickness for milling and profiling applications
  • Photographic technology minimizes stone waste
  • Safety sensors limit the risk of any means of failure

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