We believe having a plan gets the job done right the first time.

Our Process

  1. We’ll meet with you to discuss ideas, design and project details.
  2. From here, we’ll provide knowledgeable advice on stone selection, application options and anchoring systems.
  3. Next, we’ll work with trusted partners around the world to find the perfect stone that meets your unique project requirements.
  4. Our team will work directly with the architect and designers to help consult with drawing details.
  5. Once the project comes out for tender, we’ll bid on the project fairly, aware that a well-designed set of stone drawings has been presented to all bidders, granting the longevity of our craft and hopeful award of the project.
  6. Next, we find out if we’ve been granted the stone supply project and its scope—stone supply only, or supply and installation.
  7. From here, we’ll proceed with fabrication at our facility, once we receive the raw stone slabs and blocks. The dimensional cut list will be generated directly from shop drawings, providing clear and concise fabrication parameters for each individual piece.
  8. Throughout the entire project, we’ll ensure quality control procedures are carried out to provide superior natural stone products.
  9. As soon as the stones are ready for installation, we’ll carefully place each stone on a sturdy frame system that allows for safe delivery and transport onsite.
  10. Finally, we’ll expertly anchor and/or install the stones and perform a comprehensive site review.

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