Born from curiosity. Built by integrity.

Scorpio Stone began by thinking outside the box.

Our story began when Owner, Chris Ambrozic, acquired some necessary stone cutting equipment in order to properly execute the requirements needed for the Edmonton Federal Building.

Faced with some budget challenges, Scorpio, along with Clark Builders, came up with the solution to reuse Tyndall stone from parts of the existing building that needed to be demolished to accommodate the new parkade and pavilion. Not only was this more cost-effective than providing new stone, but the client loved the idea of recycling the original stone.

With a steep learning curve to embark on, Scorpio’s team trained hard, learning everything from how to design our shop to accommodate the new equipment (and how to use it), to developing shop drawings and drafting panels to be produced and installed.

Now, with over 30 years experience providing natural stone solutions and project management to commercial and residential projects across North America, we’re still passionate about finding new ways to drive innovation within our organization—and the industry as well.

Our Core Values

We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have a strong foundation to believe in.

Be innovative.

Act with integrity.

Stay committed to safety.

Always work as a team.

Continue to be effective.

Have some fun.

Let’s talk.

When it comes to providing friendly, professional service, we’re anything but stone cold.