Edmonton Federal Building

The value of engineering

The Edmonton Federal Building is a historic landmark with year-round recreational opportunities and government activity.

As Scorpio Stone’s first project, this was monumental. The building needed both exterior and interior stone panels. To stay within budget, we recommended reusing the existing stone and cutting it to increase the surface area of usable stone. This required a durable CNC saw to cut stone to exact dimensions in a controlled environment. By using the existing stone, Scorpio Stone was able to recycle and fabricate all the limestone to cover nearly 4x the original area.

Our value engineering solution resulted in considerably reduced environmental impact and costs.


Build: Renovation (New & Original Panels)
Coverage: 38,568 square feet
Architect: Kasian Architecture
General Contractor: Clark Builders
Engineer: DL Engineering
Finish: Smooth
Typical Panel: 915 x 610 mm
Thickness: 50 mm
Panel Weight: 150 lbs
Anchorage: Load Bearing
Backup Structure: Concrete
  • Consulted architectural designer and general contractor
  • Sample procurement
  • Inventory management of reclaimed stone
  • Nesting/Best fit inventory vs. new stone
  • Shop drawing and engineering
  • Stone fabrication
  • Packaging and freight
  • Cut ticket generation
  • Value engineering recycled stone
  • Central kerf architectural design
  • Nesting/Best fitting stone with inventory
Technology & Innovation: Recycle and re-fabrication

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