Centennial Plaza

Precision for the perfect fit

Centennial Plaza is a high-traffic area located in the heart of Downtown Edmonton. This outdoor extension of the Edmonton Federal Building is a popular space for informal gatherings and public events.

To tackle the uneven concrete and fountains throughout the square, Scorpio Stone surveyed the plaza and then constructed it in a virtual environment. This allowed the creation of accurate shop tickets for fabrication. The stone pavers were then cut to exact size and carefully transported with a small excavator, which used a vacuum system to hold each stone paver as it was line up for placement. Finally, polymeric sand was used to provide a flexible yet stable solution to ensure the lifespan of each stone in the cold climate.

Our project management ensured this project was completed in a timely manner, with less onsite cutting and a flexible setting. The result was a successful job that showcased our standard for quality risk management and craftsmanship.


Build: Architectural
Coverage: 80,000 square feet
Architect: Kasian Architecture
General Contractor: Clark Builders
Stone: Lacroix Granite
Finish: Flamed
Typical Panel: 400 x 400 mm
Thickness: 80 mm
Panel Weight: 100 lbs
Anchorage: Sand bed system
Backup Structure: Concrete and geofoam
  • 3D as-built
  • Virtual modelling
  • Fabrication coordination
  • Ensuring a precise fit
  • Effectively recycling stone for reuse
Technology & Innovation: Site surveying and virtual planning

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